Our business established by Hacı Ramazan Yayan in Denizli in 1978, is currently managed by the second and third generations of the family, who adopted quality and reliance principles. Our Denizli originated company has been supporting the manufacturers in the province, providing them with the selected best quality and raw materials supplied direct from the primary producer for the primary prices for over 30 years of friendship.


The Company running its businesses with renewed machinery in 4500 m2 indoors and 7000 m2 outdoors area carries out a natural and hygienic manufacturing process using no additives as per the customer requirements, and products are sorted with Sortex, tested and analyzed in accordance with both national and international food regulations.


Innovation is of great importance for our Company. The company is in a constant study for launching new products in the market well as for prolonged product shelf life by combining the beneficial sides of conventional production techniques with the state-of-the- art production techniques.

Quality Control

The Company and its expert and young staff members that adopts the work discipline, resoluteness and manufacturing meticulousness as principles, and that respects to consumer rights, and gives priority to customer satisfaction, conducts the necessary tests and analysis in all stages from primary raw material purchase to manufacturing and final packing. The business principle of the Company is based on the "everybody from the lowest ranks to the senior executives is responsible for the quality" concept.

On-Time Delivery

The Company with its constantly increasing manufacturing capacity and product lines, and its worldwide service concept can meet customer requirements instantly. The orders you placed to our Company are loaded and forwarded on the contractual dates.

Controlled Agricultural Products

Traceability records, which enable to specify origin of the processed or unprocessed products, and in case of future problems, are of great importance in controlled farming. Yayanlar Kuruyemiş, monitors all stages from the raw material processing stage to the consumption stage, and enables constant improvement and development considering employee and supplier factors, as well.